Randy is ready for prom night and is going with Alice May. Alice turns into a ghost girl and kidnaps Randy.

Alice is new to Crystal Cove High School, and meets Fred. They like each other, so Daphne is jealous. Scooby and Shaggy promised to watch Van Ghoul a thon together, although Shaggy is going to Prom with Velma. Late that night, Daphne is studying at school, but Alice is also there. Daphne hides, and Alice sneaks into the basement. Daphne tells the gang, but Fred is not with them. They stop at the Cemetery and are chased into the mausoleum by the ghost girl. Fred meets up with them. Only Daphne thinks Alice is the Ghost Girl, then they discover a previous monsters costume, the Creeper, disguise of Deacon Carlswell. The prom night begins, and Scooby sees Shaggy driving away in a limo, but Scooby thinks its the ghost girl capturing Shaggy, although its Velma and Shaggy. Alice comes to pick up Fred for prom, but he goes with Daphne. Scooby finds Fred and Daphne and claim he saw a ghost girl. The ghost girl attacks prom, trying to get Fred. Velma and Shaggy join thier escape, and they hide in the basement and discover the final clue: Alices Clothes. The gang trap the Ghost Girl, which is Alice, who wanted revenge for when the gang sent Alices father, Deacon, to prison. Alice May is now Alice Carlswell. Alice is sent to jail but is released early. She admits that Alice May and Alice Carlswell are both fake names, and that she is not related to Deacon.

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