The Freak is the main antagonist of season 1 [alongside Professor Pericles] because he was the very reason The Original Mystery Incorporated disappeared years ago because he threatened to do harm to their families.


In the present, Angel Dynamite warned the new Mystery Incorporated that he was "still out there", and he was shown to be lurking at the top of an old church. He said to himself that the buried truth would end with him and laughed evilly.

He attacked the gang in Crystal Cove City Hall. While Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo were at their house, the Freak appeared again, but Ed Machine rescued the two and dropped them off at K-Ghoul. Professor Pericles appeared and he told Mystery Incorporated that he wanted the disk that lead to a treasure and said their was nothing to fear. The Freak of Crystal Cove appeared and Pericles gasped when he saw him and the Freak of Crystal Cove swiped Pericles and he fell on the ground. The Freak snatched the disk from Velma Dinkley. Fred Jones, Jr. grabbed the Freak, but the cliff next to the old chirch began to fall apart. Fred almost fell, but the Freak saved him and ran off before Fred caught him. Then Fred unmasked him as Fred Jones, Sr. Fred Jones, Sr. then admitted that he was also engrossed in the Planispheric Disk, knowing about it's secret of revealing a treasure beyond imagination. He also admitted to partnering Professor Pericles years ago, until The Original Mystery Incorporated found one piece of the Planespheric Disk, he decided to betray Professor Pericles and stole the piece and hid it with him. He also admitted that he was not Fred Jones, Jr. real father.