The Benevolent lodge of mystery was a mystery solving gang just like mystery inc. The group was formed in the 1880s. They even had an animal mascot, an orangatan. The leader of the group (Osweld Burlington) built a library where pictures and statues of the group and its members can be found. The group first appeared on the show in the episode "Night Terrors".


The group appeared in the episodes "Night Terrors" and "The Midnight Zone" respectivly.


The members in the group are Osweld Burlington (the Fred equivelent), Unknown blond woman (The Daphine equivelent), Abigail Gluck (The Velma equivelent), Unknown tall man with a monicole (The Shaggy equivelent) and Mr. Peaches, an Orangatang (The Scooby equivelent)

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