The Rogers Mansion is where Shaggy and his parents live in Crystal Cove, along with Scooby-Doo.

Rogers mansion


Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedEdit

Season oneEdit

haggy and Scooby-Doo ate a large breakfast in the kitchen.

Shaggy's mom was painting a still-life with the help of her husband and they didn't pick up Shaggy's call for help leaving the answer machine to respond.

Scooby-Doo prepared to watch a Vincent Van Ghoul marathon with Shaggy, but Shaggy ran out on him to go to the prom with Velma Dinkley.

Scooby-Doo and Shaggy checked Shaggy's laptop on the floor of his room for information about Fantzee Pantz.

Scooby-Doo searched for Shaggy in his bedroom, and finally caught him and Velma kissing in the garden, but Shaggy tried to pass it off as a staring contest. (Battle Of The Humungonauts)

The gang was with Scooby when he was sick. (Mystery Solvers Club State Finals)

Vincent Van Ghoul came to the mansion in person to pick up Shaggy and Scooby-Doo for dinner. (Nightfright)

The Freak of Crystal Cove attacked Shaggy and Scooby in their bedroom, and they ran through Shaggy's parent's room to jump out the window and escape. (All Fear The Freak)



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  • Kitchen
  • Living room

Shaggy's Bedroom

There is a fridge under Shaggy's bed.




Flower Garden