Professor Pericles is a criminally intelligent parrot and the Original Mystery Incorporated counterpart of Scooby Doo. Along with Mr. E, he is the main antagonist in the series.


Early Life

Very little is known about Professor Pericles. From the series, all that is given about the parrot is that he is of German Ethnicty, is over 80 years old, and knew Frau Abigail Gluck.

Twenty years before the founding of the second Mystery Incorporated, he met and befriended a young Ricky Owens and the two were inducted to be members of the first Mystery Incorporated. However, after scheming with Fred Jones Sr., he drove his comrades out of Crystal Cove in order to take a piece of the Planispheric Disk. However, Jones betrayed him and framed him for various crimes, leaving him with a wicked scar over his left eye, imprisoning him in the Animal Asylum.

Mystery Incorporated

He is the first of the original Mystery Incorporated that the gang physically meets while seeing Scooby in the Asylum. After Officer Johnson passes out unconciously to the floor he tells the gang "Beware of those closest to you" and specifically said it to Fred meaning that his father could be Mr. E. Later he escapes the asylum somehow and Mr. E tells the gang to follow him.

In episode 16, Scooby was found by Professor Pericles. He claimed he was there to help Scooby save their home. Courtesy of what he's heard from his friends, Scooby is suspicious of the german bird's objective, seeing as how it was Crystal Cove who has kept him imprisoned. (Or so he claimed)

Pericles thought Scooby wouldn't help him and the parrot would be locked up as a common beast for having such a huge brain and Scooby was not really thinking about that. Professor Pericles will not let his home be destroyed and telled Scooby if he will help him. Professor Pericles and Scooby found pewter, ectoplasm, and rose quartz to create the antidote to stop Aphrodite. Amanda Smythe was Aphrodite and in the end, Professor Pericles was shown he was trying to find the very dangerous stone called the cursed treasure.

Mr. E told Angel that Scooby was a trusting worth compannion than Peircles was to him.

It shows Pericles disguised himself as the Shadowy Figure and tryed to steal the disck piece from Mayor Jones and Pericles told Fred that he stole it from Pericles a long time ago. Fred Jones thought Pericles was lying and Pericles told Fred to ask the mayor himself. Pericles got away with the disck piece and laughed evily and left.

Professor Pericles was watching the gang in episode 25 and shows he wants them alive.

In episode 26, he told Ed Machine that he wanted to deliver a message to Ricky Owens, or should he call Ricky, Mr. E. Ed told Pericles to say what he wants and get out of his house. Pericles says that Ed is misunderstand and he doesn't want to say anything. He then comes closer to Ed and attacks him off-screen. Pericles found Mystery Incorporated in the caves where the original Mystery Incorporated vanished. The Freak Of Crystal Cove appeared and swipes Pericles out of the way and grabs the disk piece from Velma. Mayor Jones was revealed to be the Freak of Crystal Cove,not Fred's dad and shows Judy Reeves is Fred's mother and Brad Chiles is his real father, Fred is leaving Crystal Cove tonight to find Judy and Brad. Daphne told Shaggy and Scooby to do something and they tried, but Shaggy's parents Paula and Colton blocked them and tells Shaggy and Scooby that they're going away for a while that Shaggy is going to Milatarie and Scooby is going to a farm. Daphne blames Velma for not telling about Cassidy soon. Scooby becomes sad in the car that he's being sent away and he saw Pericles in his car. Pericles reveals the Mayor's piece that he got. Pericles has two pieces and four to go. Pericles mocks Scooby and flies out of the window. Scooby said that he will find Judy Reeves and Brad Chiles, find Mr. E, and get the gang back together and tells Pericles that they will becoming for him.

In season 2, Pericles and Mr. E join forces again along with Brad and Judy as they set off to find all 6 pieces of the planespheric disk. After taking control of an army of robots, he reveals to the gang that he is revealed to be more than 80 years old as he was said to have been in the 1930s. After Fred used his trap to send the bomb away from the area, Pericles and E were attempting to make Brad and Judy betray their own son but Fred got ahead of them as he reveals on tape that he already knew his parents were involved and ends up upseting Pericles into attempting to kill them. 


  • Professor Pericles is named after the Greek Philosopher Pericles. Both share a similar traits in which they are charismatic, intelligent, and are known to win people over their with words. Also, by those who know them, they were seen as threats to society.


Pericles is cold, calculating, manipulative, deceitful, and cruel. No matter who it is, he is notorious for forcing others to do his dirty work, and is well known for causing greivous harm to all of his enemies. Pericles shows no mercy towards anyone he considers a threat...or useless. This does include Mystery Inc, Ricky Owens, Marcy (hotdog water), and all of Crystal cove.

Perricles is often heard speaking in German. Granted. Given he is German in Nationality. Briefly he will say "Hello/Goodbye", he calls the Mystery Inc kids "Kinder" meaning children/kids as a type of misleading pleasantry. A true-to-form mannerism for the charismatic parrot. Afterward a grand majority of German was spoken when communicating with the Kriegstaffebots or whenever he became frustrated. 

On an interesting note, Pericles has displayed a sort of...affection toward Ricky. Albeit halfhearted, Pericles called Ricky, "My Sweet Ricky," implying he still cared very much for his former owner. Which Ricky knew to be a lie. In another case, Pericles perched himself on Ricky's shoulder and lovingly stroked his facial hair. But those feelings quickly dissipated when his patience wore thin with Mystery Inc constantly thwarting his plans. Especially when his ultimate goal is almost realized. When Ricky changed a password on a computer system, Perricles cursed in German and lashed out at Ricky for conspiring against him.