Mr. E is an anonymous person who the new Mystery Incorporated in their early mysteries. He signifies his clues authenticity with his very own wax seal - the symbol of the letter E, which he also wears on his jacket.

He was later revealed to be Ricky Owens, a member of the original Mystery Incorporated who disappeared in the Crystal Cove Caves.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

He called K-Ghoul and said that they shouldn't have brought back the locket that Daphne Blake found in the sewers and that the real mystery has just begun. Then, in The Creeping Creatures, he sent the gang to Gatorsburg and replaced their stolen engine.

In The Secret Of The Ghost Rig gave them a CD that helped them solve the case.

When Daphne was kidnapped by the Man-Crab in Revenge Of The Man Crab, Mr. E provided an 8-Track cassette and an article talking about other people disappearing, meaning the kidnappings have had happened before.

In The Legend Of Alice May, he also provided an old year book from Crystal Cove High School, with a page about the previous Mystery Incorporated.

He used an accomplice at the end of The Grasp Of The Gnome, offering Velma advice not to give up on Shaggy, as well as a box with a picture and a message as stated in the section below.

Through his henchman he gave the gang a magazine with a clue to a vampire case.

He stole a box containing the Darrow Family Archives from Darrow University and gave it to the gang. It appeared that Mr. E was trying to make sure the gang would stay together.

He gave Shaggy two notes in a bag of Nature Slivers, telling him about a mystery at the hospital.

He was in love with Angel Dynamite

Behind the Scenes

Mr. E is voiced by Lewis Black and his teenage persona is voiced by Scott Menville.


  • When Daphne was showing the locket to Raffalo, Mayor Jones stared with shock, then anger.
  • Professor Pericles warned the gang beware the ones close by.
  • Mayor Jones watched Fred and the gang after Danny Darrow saved the gang.
  • In the end of episode 21 (Menace of the Manticore), Mr. E says "You see, Scooby is a more trustworthy companion, than Pericles was to me." and Mr. E turns around to Angel Dynamite/Cassidy Williams and Mr. E's face resembles Ricky Owens.
  • Pericles asked Ed Machine that he wanted to deliver a message to Ricky or should he call him Mr. E which could mean that Ricky is Mr. E.