10,000 Volt GhostAlan M. MayberryAlexander Cabot III
Alexandra CabotAlice MayAliens Among Us
All Fear The FreakAll Fear the FreakAmanda Littlefoot
AmyAngel DynamiteAngie Dinkley
Animal AsylumAnthos and Devil HoundApeman
Art of Darkness!ArthurArthur's Father
Back Stage PhantomBanditBarty Blake
BatmanBattle Of The HumungonautsBeach
Beast of Bottomless LakeBenton QuestBeware The Beast From Below
Beware the Beast from BelowBiffBirdman
Blake Family MansionBlake MansionBlue Falcon
Brad ChilesBrendaBrenda Chance
BubblesCaptain CavemanCaptain Caveman and the Teen Angels
Captain Clemens GhostCassidy WiliamsChar Gar Gothakon
ChenChest of DemonsChocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla Phantoms
City HallClamheadClassic Monsters
CluesColleen O'ShaughnesseyColton Rogers
Come UndoneCreepy HeapCrystal Cove
Crystal Cove MuseumCrystal Cove Spook MuseumDale Dinkley
Dance of the UndeadDanny DarrowDaphne
Daphne BlakeDaphne and JosieDawn, Daisy, Dorathy, and Dellila Blake
DebbieDee Bradley BakerDee Dee Skyes
Delilah BlakeDestroidoDisco Demon
Dr. CoffinDragon's SecretDylan
Dynomutt Dog WonderEd MachineEpisodes
Ethan and GaryEvil EntityFish Freaks
Flim FlamFrank WelkerFranklin Fruitmeir
Franklin FruitmierFred JonesFred Jones, Sr.
Fred TatascioreFrighthoundGary
Gary ColeGator GhoulGator People
GatorsburgGeorge AvocadosGhost of Benedict Arnold, Ghost of Major Andre & Ghost of William Demont
Ghost of Captain CutlerGhost of Captain MoodyGhost of Captain Scavenger & Ghost of Injun Joe
Ghost of Elias KingstonGhost of Juan DiegoGhost of King Katazuma & Aztec Ststue Monster
Ghost of Merlin & Merlin's Black KnightGhost of Milo BoothGhost of Paul Revere, Minuteman, Redcoat Ghost & Sea Serpent
Ghost of the Red BaronGhostly GondoleerGiant Vulture
Gibby NortonGnomeGrady Gator
Gramps the VampGrandman MoonbeamGreen Globs
Greta GatorGrey DelisleGrim Judgement
Grim JudgmentGunther GatorGus Boggs
Hadji SinghHeart of EvilHex Girls
HighwayHong Kong PhooeyHorber Feist
Howl Of The Fright HoundHowl of the Fright HoundHugh Dederdee
HumongounautsImagesIn Fear Of The Phantom
In Fear of the PhantomJabberjawJaguaro
JasonJeff BennettJennifer Hale
Jessie BannonJohnny BravoJoker
Jones Family MansionJonny QuestJosie and the Pussycats
Judy ReevesKevin DunnKrod
Lewis BlackLimo ThugList Of Mystery Incs
List of EpisodesList of FamiliesList of Mansions
List of Recurring (Minor) CharactersList of VillainsList of deaths
Lord BarryLord InfernacusMamba Wamba, Zombie Lila & Mamba Zombie
Man-CrabMantisMarcie Fleach
MarkMatthew LillardMayor Janet Nettles
Melbourne O'ReillyMelody ValentineMelvin Keisterbaum
Mindy CohnMiner 49erMoon Monster
Mr. EMr. FreezeMr. Gnales
Mystery Inc.Mystery Solvers Club State FinalsNan Blake
Night TerrorsNight on Haunted MountainNightfright
Nightfright (episode)Nightmare in RedNo Face Zombie
Norville "Shaggy" RogersOfficer JohnsonOld Iron Face
Old Spanish ChurchOther CharactersPatrick Warburton
Paula RogersPenguinPeter Trickles
Phantom ShadowsPlanispheric DiskPossessed Viking Mannequin & Possessed Davy Crockett Mannequin
Primero LlaveProfessor PericlesPterodactyl Ghost
Punk BoyQue HorrificoQuest Team
Race BannonRambling GhostRevenge Of The Man Crab
Revenge of the Man CrabRick SpartanRicky Owens
RobinRobot Gunslinger, Cigar Store Indian & Giant RobotBatRogers Mansion
Rogger's Family MansionRoyal Knights FaireRung Ladderton
SabalScare PairScarebear (episode)
Scooby-Doo! Mystery IncorporatedScooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated WikiScooby Doo
Scooby DumScrappy-DooSeason 3 big news
SebastianSecret SquirrelSecret of the Ghost Rig
Shaggy RogersSheila AltoonianShelly
Sheriff Bronson StoneSinging mermaidSkeleton Men
Skeleton Pair and Hooded FigureSkipper SheltonSlime Mutant
Slime Mutant/Professor Emmanuel RaffaloSnow BeastSpace Ghost
Space KookSpecter of Ebenezer CrabbeSpeed Buggy
Spirit of Fireball McPhanSwamp Witch & Swamp ZombieTaffy Dare
Tar MonsterTeen Girl's DadThe Addams Family
The ApemanThe Atom AntThe Benevolent lodge of mystery
The Black KnightThe CavemanThe Clam Cabin
The CreeperThe Creeping CreaturesThe Dragon's Secret
The DreamweaverThe FreakThe Gathering Gloom
The Ghost ClownThe Ghost of BigfootThe Ghost of Hyde
The Ghost of RedbeardThe Grasp Of The GnomeThe Grasp of the Gnome
The Headless HorrorThe Hodag of HorrorThe Hodag of Horror (episode)
The Horrible HerdThe Horrible Herd (episode)The House of the Nightmare Witch
The Legend Of Alice MayThe Legend of Alice MayThe Midnight Zone
The Mummy of AnkaThe NeptunesThe Night the Clown Cried
The Night the Clown Cried II: Tears of Doom!The Original Mystery IncorporatedThe Original Neptunes
The Original PussycatsThe Original Quest TeamThe Original Teen Angles
The Phantom SpectreThe Real Dark Side of DaphneThe Secret Of The Ghost Rig
The Secret SerumThe Shrieking MadnessThe Siren's Song
The Snow GhostThe Song Of MysteryThe Song of Mystery
The Wax PhantomThe Wild BroodTheater of Doom
Thorn, Dusk, and LunaTinkerTroll and Dryad
Tween GirlUnderground DemonsValerie Brown
Velma DinkleyVincent Van GhoulVincent Van Ghoul's Mansion
Voice ActorsWeb of the Dreamweaver!When The Cicada Calls
Where Walks AphroditeWillardWillawaw and Owl Men
WindmakersWitch Doctor and Mano Tiki TiaWitch McCoy
Wrath of the KrampusYogi BearZentuo

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