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Scooby doo villians

These are the villains that appeared in the show.

Evil Entity

The evil leader of all Annunakki and the main antagonist of the whole series. 

The Freak

The Freak of Crystal Cove is one of the shows main antagonists along side Professor Pericles. He threatened The Original Mystery Incorporated to give up mystery solving or their families get hurt. 20 years later he resurfaces to see Fred Jones ignore Angel Dynamite's warning about him and then he pursues the gang for the Planespheric Disk and pieces to the cursed treasure. After fleeing out of The Caves, he is apprehended by Fred and as he unmasks the Freak, it is shown to be the Mayor. The Mayor confesses that he was never Fred's father all along.

Slime Mutant

The Slime Mutant is the first villian that the gang encounters in "Beware the Beast from Below." Its appearance was a tall green monster who smelled like Fruitmeyer's dessert. It is revealed at the end that the monster was Professer Emmanuel Raffalo, a Crystal Cove High teacher who used a secret door in Fruitmeyer's backroom to get into the sewers to drill a passage to get into the bank secretly.

Gator People

Grady, Greta, and Gunter Gator, or the Gator Family appeared in Creeping Creatures. They were scaring people away from Gatorsburg to make sure no one found out that they were making faux gator products. Greta and Gunter run the hotel and Grady is a mechanic.

Rung Ladderton

Man Crab

It kidnaps people at a volley ball tournament.

The Phantom Spectre


he paralyzes people dreesed as pirates at the medevil fair


The Humongonauts were the twin brother Max Minner and Jax Minner. They used the disguises to attack places that were owned by their brother.


The Frighthound was a creation the Mrs. Wyatt invented to tear the gang apart and let her son Jason be with Velma, but when she saw that they were blaming Jason for being the creator of the Frighthound, she decided to kill them all. 

Sheila/The Vampire

Char Gar Gothakon

Cicada Creature

The Cicada Creature was a monster by Grandma Moonbeam, she wanted to get rid of all the Destroido workers because they put landfill waste in her originally healthy nature slivers.

Lord Infernacus

Shovel Nose


White Wizard


Crybaby Clown

==Hebidiah Grim== what's up with that guy!!!!!

Baba Yaga

The Baba Yaga was a diguise of Curator Vronsky.

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