Jason is a fat nerd who attends Crystal Cove High School and has a crush on Velma Dinkley, despite the fact that she likes Shaggy and that Jason gets picked on by bullies. After Scooby was arrested for the assault on Angie Dinkley's tour bus, Velma accuses Jason for framing him with the Frighthound because of the robotic spider he had. But Jason had nothing to do with it and he forces the gang to scram as he cries. Later when his mom was revealed to be the culpret behind the frighthound's attacks, he blames her for making Velma dislike him. After that, Velma apoligizes to Jason for misjudging him and tells him that she doesn't want to be his girl but that they can still be friends and Jason gladly agrees because of Velma touching his knuckles again. He is voiced by Daryl Sabara.