Velmas fav band, the Hex girls, are in town. Thorn, the lead singer is attacked by a Phantom, who says that tonight is their final show. Luna and Dusk, the other Hex girls disgree. The phantom escapes.

Scooby is angry at Shaggy because of the prom in the previous episode, The Legend of Alice May, and steals Shaggys puppet, Harry , and the 2 are best friends. At a meeting with the gang, Hex Girls, Fantzee Pantz and Gus Goggs, Daphne agrees to be a Hex Girl , but Fred  says its to be bait. Shaggy and Scooby begin on the trap, and they finish the trap. Daphne dresses up as Thorn and is kidnapped by the phantom. Fred is sad and says he wishes he never cared for Daphne, while Daphne is hidden and hears, Fred admits that Daphne is better than traps, but Daphne cannot hear him. The Hex Girls save Daphne, and she brakes up with Fred and becomes Crush, a new Hex Girl. Shaggy, Harry and Scooby are in the Hex Girls bus and the Phantom attacks. The bus blows up but Shaggy saves Scooby using Harry, although Scooby thanks Harry. Shaggy finds a clue, sparkling clothe. Gus is a suspect now, although Daniel, AKA Fantzee Pantz originaly used the clothe in his singing career. Freds sets up a new trap, and the Phantom is caught. It is Daniel. He wanted revenge on Hex girls for ruining his career. Fred and Daphne apoligise and Shaggy and Scooby because friends again, leaving Velma angry....

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