'Scooby' is attacking the town, but the Scooby that is evil must be a robot. Velmas 'friend', Jason Wyatt, is a robot maker so he is framed. Mrs Wyatt is angry at Mystery Inc., and Velma is suprised that Jason has nothing to do with the crime. Scooby is sent to an Asylum. Professor Pericles, an evil bird from the original mystery inc. speaks, and warns Fred: "Bewere of those closest to you."  Scooby returns to the gang, and the Scooby Robot is caught...Jasons Mother! She did'nt like how the gang bullied Jason, so did what any mother would do....create an evil dog robot! Shaggy breaks up with Velma for Scooby. Pericles escapes and Mr. E tells the gang to 'follow the parrot', referring to Pericles.

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