Template:Character Horbert Feist was the main villain of the episode Web of the Dreamweaver using the disguise of the Dreamweaver


Horbert Feist was a tan skinned man, in his late 20's. He had brown hair that flicked up at the top of his head and then went down at the back of his neck. In the show he was usually seen wearing a set of basic blue PJ's.


Before the events of Scooby doo mystery incorporated: Web of the Dreamweaver, Horbert was an old childhood friend of Sherriff Bronston Stone. He along with Melvin Keisterbomb and Francilee Jackson, played a fantasy roleplaying game known as Crypts and Creatures. In one game they were playing Horbert had seemingly won the game, when he rolled a 20 using the dice but it then fell over to one meaning his elf was cast into the abyss by the Dreamweaver. sometime between then and the current timeline, Horbert became a prominent bank owner in Crystal Cove, married and had a unspecified amount of children.

=Scooby doo mystery incorporated

Season 2

web of the dreamweaver

At the start of this episode Horbert mysteriously awoke in his bed and drove one of his seemingly many cars, smashing through his glass window in the posh area of Crystal cove and crashed it into his own bank, only to see the creature he'd been afraid of in the flames of his bank, the Dreamweaver. After this he was jailed at the Crystal Cove police department office by Sheriff Bronston Stone. Horbert tried to convince the Sheriff that he's known him and that they were best friends, to which the Sheriff just shakes it off as not true.

Later in the episode Horbert, uses a special helmet to project himself into the dreams of both Francilee Jackson and Melvin Keisterbomb, disguised as the Dreamweaver. He causes Francilee to reveal her recipe for her cornbread on national TV and Melvin to blow up his mansion with a can of naipbomb. When it's revealed that the Sheriff is next, Scooby and Shaggy try to keep themselves and the Sheriff awake, but end up falling asleep and in the dream maze, they meet Horbert as the Dreamweaver in the Sheriff's dream, where he uses various spells to turn Shaggy into a rabbit, Sheriff Bronston Stone into stone and cast a wave a water over Scooby, which just ended up being Fred throwing a bucket of water over them to wake them up.

Eventually everything tracked back to Horbert when it's discovered that in C and C the Dreamweaver is right-handed, but the one that mystery inc were facing was left handed. It turned out that Horbert was the only left-handed suspect out of all the possible culprits, so they decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, by using the helmet he had made with all the money that he loaned himself from his bank. After this he confessed he was the Dreamweaver and told everyone he wanted revenge on all his old playmates, because of what happened to his elf in C and C when they were younger, after this he is taken to jail by the Sheriff.



  • He was one of only two normal SDMI villains to not use an actual costume, the other being Mrs Wyatt
  • according to the Cove times he was an budgie enthusiast

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