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Fred Jones Sr.(foster father)
Brad Chiles (birth father)
Judy Reeves (birth mother)

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Beware The Beast From Below

Frederick "Fred" Jones, Jr. is the leader of The New Mystery Incorporated in Crystal Cove.


Fred is tall and muscular, with blonde hair and a strong jaw/chin. He usually wears a white long sleve shirt with a blue collar, and his trademark orange ascot and blue jeans. He can be described as handsome.


Fred is extremely cunning and smart as shown by his excellence in trapping, although he does not seem to excell academicallly. He can be naive and oblivious at times especially when it comes to relationships. He is generally nice and innocent. When he's making traps he is very focused. Although he doesn't want to admit it he's in touch with his emotions.


Early Life Brad and Judy, two members of the Orignal[1]Mystery Inc. married and had a baby boy. Brad tried to come back to Crystal Cove, but Mayor Jones wanted to stop him, so he took the baby as ransom and said no harm would come to him as long as they stayed away. Mayor Jones gave the baby the false name of "Fred Jones, Jr." and showed him a picture cut from a magazine that was supposed to be his mother who left when he was just a little baby.

Season One 

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Throughout the series Daphne has been his main love intrest. In the beginning he is oblivious to her advances but later in the series hes starts to realize he has feelings for her and return her advances and the two begin to date, much to daphne's parents dislike. In "Dead Justice" he proposes to her and she accepts but upon finding out his father is not really his he calls off the engagement so he can go find his real parents.

The Gang (Mystery Inc.)

Fred is the leader of the gang and responsible for most of the plans and traps.


Fred is addicted to traps to a point of flaw. His room is decorated with trap paraphenelia and trapping magazines and he has extensive knowledge on the subject. He can go so far as putting traps ahead of people in importance. Trapping is apparentally hereditarty as his parents are also experts on traps. In 'A Haunting In Crystal Cove', we find out Fred's password is 'trappin' guy'.


Fred is named after his "fake father" Fred Jones Sr., the previous mayor of Crystal Cove. Fred Jones Sr. took him from his real parents at an early age to keep them away from Crystal Cove and the treasure and raised him as his father and told him that his mother died when he was young. Fred Jones Sr. was very critical on Freddy. Upon Fred Jones Sr. arrest he revealed this information and Fred left to go find his real parents Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves. When he returns to Crystal Cove he reunites with his real parents but later learns they were only using him to get close to the planaspheric disc and decides to leave them.


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