Ed Machine is head of Destroito.

He serves as the assistant of Mr. E and he realses Alice May from jail.

Later, he watches the gang in the end of episode 11 and he notice that the gang haven't found Pericles.

He refused to change the Nature Slivers from Grandma Moonbeam. This shows he went golfing and attacked by the Cicada Creature.

Later, he returned without serious injuries and sends the message to Scooby and the gang that Professor Pericles is searching for the cursed treasure.

In Siren's Song, he made a new type of candy called Gummie Dummies.

In Menace of the Manticore, he realeased Angel Dynamite/Cassidy Williams that she wanted to talk to Mr. E.

In episode 26, the season 1 finale he gets attacked by Professor Pericles and presumed to be dead.