Daphne is a member of the gang "Mystery Incorporated." She has orange hair, wears a purple outift frequently and is in love with Fred Jones, a current member of the gang also. Daphne often tries to express her love to Fred by hanging out with him and talking about traps. Fred doesn't realize though that Daphne has a crush on him. Fred is always too busy talking about traps and solving mysteries. Daphne comes from a family of 4 sisters and a mom and dad. Her family is rich. All of Dahpne's sisters are older than her and Daphne wants to grew up a diffferent way than the rest of her family did. Her family wants her to be married to an elegant man and to stop wasting all of her time solving mysteries and hanging out with the gang. On the contrary, Daphne wants to stay close to the gang and hopefully her wish will be granted.

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