So it begins with a ghostly band called Rude boy and the ska-tastics who returns to life and plays music and it makes the citizens dance until they turn to zombies.The band later on captures the gang except for Scooby and Shaggy who thinks the music is not very well made.They go to the Hex Girls who help them fight the band's music with their own music. The hex girls win and everyone is now out of the spell/curse.The find out that the band faked being dead so they can write a hit song.The go home and the Hex Girls find notes on the planispheric disk and velma says the notes weren't there before.The Girls hum the tune which makes the disks spin . Velma holds a lamp which redirect its light to the disks and it reflects another set of coordinates on the floor.Fred says they need to go to the coordinates but Scooby goes to the hospital to see nova.The coordinates led the rest of the gang to to clam cabin where they find a helmet on Skipper Shelton and after talking Skipper gives the helmet to velma.At the hospital scooby is talking to Nova and she flatlines and Scooby is worried and then Nova opened her eyes sat up and said,"Nibiru.Nibiru is coming", And she lays back in bed.​​​

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