Crystal Cove City Hall is where the mayor's office is located.
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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

The trap for the Ghost Truck involved a shark tank in City Hall. (The Secret Of The Ghost Rig)

The gang went to talk to the Mayor in his office about the dangers of the Humungonauts. He told them he already had a plan -- to invite the beasts to stomp valuable loot in the Crystal Cove Stadium, and sell tickets. Fred Jones, Jr. was upset that his father was building a trap without him. (Battle Of The Humungonauts)

Aphrodite nearly got herself crowned Queen of Crystal Cove at a ceremony staged there. (Where Walks Aphrodite)

The Mayor called the gang into his office to ask for their help against the Manticore that was haunting Creepy Spooky Terror Land. (Menace Of The Manticore)

The gang was in the Mayor's office when they planned strategy against the haunt at his home. (A Haunting In Crystal Cove)

The Pirahna-Goat tried to steal plans from City Hall and was captured near it. (Dead Justice)

Season two

The new mayor, Janet Nettles, took over the office. She helped reassemble the scattered gang and got them to speak to the crowd there about the Crybaby Clown.

The junk room became Mystery Incorporated's liar.

City Hall was burned by Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves.

When the Horrible Herd destroys all Crystal Cove, people seek refuge in the City Hall. 


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