Brad Chiles was one of the members of the Original Mystery Incorporated that disappeared. He is the "Fred" character of the group.

Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves are Fred's real parents. Fred finds this out when they captured the Mayor and he told them everything. In The Man in The Mirror, Brad had plastic surgery and looked just like Fred.

Season One

Brad chiles

This is a photo of brad chiles in his younger years

In a flashback in episode Pawn of Shadows, Brad and The Original Mystery Incorporated went into the church after he saw The Freak go inside and out and they found a

Season Two

After learning that his son captured and exposed the Freak of Crystal Cove as the Mayor, Brad and Judy came back to see Fred and cleaned up the house just before he came home.

Brad explained to his son that he and Judy left him with Skip just to keep him safe from harm and they were happy to tell him about certain traps they invented.