Alice May comes to Crystal Cove as an exchange student to the high school. Over the past weeks, she had been posing as a ghost who'd go to prom with an unsuspecting guy who would be kidnapped on the way to the school, target for Crystal Cove was Fred. She'd play the innocent new girl and Fred would help her around the school. This made Daphne jealous since at the time she secretly liked Fred.

On prom night, she went to pick up Fred but was stopped by Daphne, so she had to go to prom. She was caught in a trap by the gang and was revealed to be the Creeper's daughter, coming to seek revenge on Mystery Incorporated. but then she says she's not the Creeper's daughter

At episode's end, she was bailed out of jail by Ed Machine, and made it seem she was working for Mr. E, posing as Alice May.

She turned up episodes later as the Obliteratrix, a mechanical wonder woman. This time, she admitted being hired by Mr. E to destroy Mystery Incorporated.

She was later seen as a back ground character in the episode "Warth of the Krampous". She was sean eating in the prison cafateria until krampouses rampage when she along with the other villans flead to their cells.